Heavenly Harp gives back by donating well in Africa.

How We give Back

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Heavenly Harp & Karing Journey have always been committed to serving, healing and loving.  Currently we do this in several ways:

1. Through our concert tours ~ 

* helping you recover from the grief of losing a loved one

* helping you know  you don't have to fear death

* providing you Christian resources to minister to those going through difficult circumstances

2. Through our retreats and workshops ~

* creating extended, deep Christian community

* helping Christians grow exponentially in faith & gratitude in a concentrated time

* helping Christians remember how to be the light, love, fun and joy of Christ to the world

* helping people recover from traumatic events, negative emotions and limiting beliefs

3. Through Scholarships ~

* educational scholarships for students who are making a difference in the world

* scholarships for those in financial need to be able to attend a Karing Journey retreat that will change their lives for the better

4. Through Ministry ~ Beauty from Ashes Retreats

* "Beauty from Ashes" retreats offered for wounded girls & women , helping them discover they can be a "new creation" in Christ

*Your purchases and donations allowed Karin Gunderson to receive training to bring "Beauty from Ashes" retreats anywhere!  This effective retreat for restoring human dignity & helping people recover from shame, guilt & other disempowering emotions will bless many people!

*Bring this retreat to your church & community to bless those who have been hurt emotionally, sexually or physically.

5. Through providing clean water ~

*Through our summer tour with Heavenly Harp, we were able to donate a well that services about 500 families so they gain access to clean, safe water. 

*Communities are healthier. People spend less money on medical expenses and more on food and education. 

*Instead of spending hours each day gathering water for the family, women and children have time for work and school. 

*Children no longer have to live in fear.

6. Help at the Navajo Mission

*This year Heavenly Harp was able to purchase a new sound system for the church after theirs was stolen.

*We are currently raising funds to help the Navajo Mission re-open a well, because water is so scarce and so expensive in NE Arizona high desert. 

Thank you to everyone who came to our concerts this summer and made all of these things possible!

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