More Than Music - Heavenly Harp

More Than Music - Heavenly Harp

More Than Music - Heavenly HarpMore Than Music - Heavenly HarpMore Than Music - Heavenly Harp

CDs &  DVDs to bless the grieving & those experiencing stress -  Concerts & Retreats to increase your joy & gratitude 


Encounters with Heaven ~Stories of God's Surprising Presence

Download free below & please send others to our site tfor Karin's book so they can be prepared to comfort those facing death or grieving.

FREE book DownLoad- never fear death again! $30 value

Encounters with Heaven ~ Stories of God's Surprising Presence

Encounters with Heaven 
100 incredible stories of those nearing their heavenly home

Ever wondered if there is really life after death? 

You'll find the answer in "Encounters with Heaven". 

Want to know what happens at the moment of death? 

Read many examples in the 100 stories  Karin shares from her experience as a hospice harpist at the bedside of the dying.  

(Short concert version video below)

  • Learn the #1 regret of many people as they near death
  • Find the 5 gifts for you in forgiveness
  • Discover the special way God provides for those who have a long battle with pain
  • Learn 7 ways to overcome your grief
  • Experience the simple mindset shift that will help you love life - even in the midst
    of tough times!
  • Find the surprising secrets to maintaining a relationship with those who have
    gone before you
  • Uncover 3 techniques for instantly overcoming stress in your life 

  • "I took care of my mother and was with her when she died of cancer. Thank you so very much for writing this book."

  • "I purchased your book that day and read it in a day. Enjoyed it very much."

  • "My mom passed away last night. Thank you for the book!"


The Ministry of Heavenly Harp


The perfect memorial gift - Heavenly Harp 

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Books
  • Celebration of Life Services
  • Integrative Therapies

Other ministry: Musical Programs to inspire your gratitude and Concert Experiences to reignite your faith

Beauty for Ashes or God's Story in My Life Workshop or Retreat in Your Town


Want to make sense of the difficult things in your life?

Want to find the person in you that Jesus loves so much?

Want to learn to love her too?

Want to have more of Jesus' love to share with others?

Heavenly Harp's & Karing Journey,'s Karin Gunderson is available to do a one or two day women's retreat at your church.  Find a couple people who would like to be liason's and sign up to receive a personal call from Karin by clicking below.

Encounters with Heaven Concert Sample--Get the book!

Check out the ministry of Heavenly Harp/ Christian Harp Music in action this summer on tour. 

If you've  ever felt helpless & wished you could do something that would make a positive difference to those facing terminal or chronic illness and those who are grieving, Karin's book, Encounters with Heaven, is the perfect gift! With over 100 stories from her work as a hospice harpist and vocalist, people find great comfort in her book.

If you'd like to purchase a copy with an accompanying CD, HERE.

Heavenly Harp Is ready to Bless your community in 2020!

Workshops & 1-2 Day Retreats are available with a concert at your church

This year, for the first time ever, Karin Gunderson's ministry, Karing Journey, brings low-cost workshops and 1 & 2 day retreats for the women & girls in your congregation.  The special event you choose will be in conjunction with a  Heavenly Harp concert at your church.  

Have you been looking for a way to re-engage and heal the women and girls in your community? This is the perfect opportunity.   

Beauty from Ashes uses the power of story to facilitate inner-healing in women’s lives and then frees them from disempowering stories. Most females have some story in need of God’s redemption. In this retreat experience freedom from the lies you’ve believed for years. 

God's truth is that your story matters. Psalm 107:2 says “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.” 

Since 2014, Beauty for Ashes has reached over 5,000 women in 25 countries because of people like you, who are willing to share their story of redemption. God longs for His daughters to join Him in an intimate relationship. God wants to walk with you through healing and remind you, and all daughters of the King, of the identity and hope you have in Him.

If you want to join a Christ-centered community of women committed to spreading God’s love, then it’s time for you to bring it to your community!

It is simple to do with little preparation other than how you want to handle meals.  Just gather 2 or 3 women to be your team and we will give your community a gift they will cherish the rest of their lives as they find the beauty amidst the most challenging times and events in their lives. 

Click the Yellow "FIIND OUT MORE" button above - under "Beauty from Ashes Retreat in your town."

Beauty from Ashes Female Retreat. Come together for healing,and a life-changing time with the Lord.

Beauty from Ashes Female Retreat. Come together for healing,and a life-changing time with the Lord.

Gratitude Trips and REtreats

Heavenly Harp's & Karing Journey's Karin Gunderson leads a

European Gratitude Tour - Early Summer 2021

Always wanted to see some of the coolest things in Europe, but didn't want to take an impersonal tour?  Come with Karing Journey's Karin Gunderson

*Increase your spiritual connection to the Lord

*Enjoy fun and spiritual moments together in cathedrals to one of nature's finest cathedrals - the Alps!

*Fill your heart with gratitude for all God's good gifts!

*Enjoy fresh, wholesome cuisine

*Glory in the beauty of God's creation!

*Stand in awe before famous sculptures and paintings.

Explore London's British Museum & National Gallery, with an option to watch the changing of the guard & visit the St. Paul's Cathedral. Then feel the awesomeness & closeness of Jesus as you experience Evensong at Westminster Abbey.

After a couple days in London we'll fly to Switzerland where you can appreciate the beauty of the Alps as we ride a train to a visitors center on a mountain pass and then meander through the mountains on a well-traveled trail to our lunch spot.  From there, we'll walk down a little more to catch the train back to the valley below. 

The following day, have a day to sight-see, paraglide in the Alps or take a train to an ice hotel on top of one of the mountains!  The next day, take a day-trip to Lucca, a Baroque Benedictine Abbey unlike the many Gothic, Renaissance, and Classical houses of worship you’ll see on the trip. Majestic and stunning scenery are everywhere.

Next, we'll climb on the train to take us over the Italian Alps and into Florence, Italy where we'll experience some of the finest sculptures, paintings, and Cathedrals in the world. We've got a fabulous native-Italian to take us on a walking tour of Florence including visiting the famous Duomo and Michelangelo's David. The following day we will visit a castle turned art gallery and it's fabulous grounds - the Uffizi gallery. The following morning we hop aboard a high-speed train to Rome. 

In Rome, you'll want to see the Colosseum all lit up in the evening and we'll go to a concert

More detailed info on the entire tour and add-on option coming very soon! 

Hope you'll join us!  

Valley below Murren, Switzerland, where Karin Gunderson paraglided above the mountains!

Valley below Murren, Switzerland, where Karin Gunderson paraglided above the mountains!

Swiss Alps, paragliding over massive waterfalls

Swiss Alps, paragliding over massive waterfalls

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