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Encounters with Heaven ~ Stories of God's Surprising Presence

"'Encounters with Heaven' was God's gift to me so I could help others never fear death again."

Read  100 stories in devotional form as Karin shares from her experience as a hospice harpist at the bedside of the dying.

  • Learn the #1 regret of many people as they near death   
  • Find the 5 gifts for you in forgiveness   
  • Discover the special way God provides for those who have a long battle with pain   
  • Learn 7 ways to overcome your grief   
  • Experience the simple mindset shift that will help you love life - even in the midst   of tough times!   
  • Find the surprising secrets to maintaining a relationship with those who have   gone before you   
  • Uncover 3 techniques for instantly overcoming stress in your life   

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